National Registry of Costa Rica

About the Client

The National Registry of Costa Rica was created by Law No. 5695 of May 28, 1975, amended by Laws No. 5990 of October 27, 1976, and 6934 of November 28, 1983.

The fundamental purpose of the National Registry is: to register, effectively and efficiently, the documents that are presented before the National Registry, for their registration, as well as to guarantee and assure citizens the rights with respect to third parties. In addition, safeguard and provide the community with the information corresponding to goods and rights registered or in the process of registration, through the efficient and effective use of technology and suitable personnel, in order to facilitate the legal traffic of goods, with the purpose of contribute to promoting the social and economic development of the country.


In 2009, through Public Tender 2009 LN-000007-00100 called Conversion of Microfilm and Microfiche Rolls of the Coordination of Complementary Services of the Registry Services Directorate, where the National Registry had the main objective of contracting the external service to the digitization of images of microfilm rolls and microfiche, corresponding to documents of the Coordination of Complementary Services of the Registry Services Directorate.


The project allowed the conversion to digital format in around 85 million documents, enabling concurrent access to all this information, both from the operational areas and from the Web query, streamlining and streamlining customer service, both internally and externally. of the institution, improving service times and preserving data in a more secure way, all documents are guarded and managed through the ePower solution, an institutional tool in the National Registry for the management of digital content.