Bank Aliado

About the Client

Banco Panameño founded in 1992 with purely Panamanian capital. In 1995, he began his foray into the foreign market, having relations with Central American and South American banks.
Over the years the bank has taken a position in the banking correspondent business, managing to offer services to its clients in the 5 continents through an extensive network of correspondents in countries such as the United States, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil and Ecuador. This growth allowed it to acquire another bank in Panama, Banco Panamá, and thereby diversify its lines of business and grow in clients and branches. During these 28 years, Banco Aliado has partnered with the most important technology providers to ensure that the operation goes hand in hand with the Bank’s growth.


GSI International, Inc., was initially selected in 2011 for a project for the massive digitization of customer signature cards and customer files and their integration into the bank’s core system. As part of the services that GSI provides is the outsourcing of personnel for digitization processes, this project was successfully completed.

In 2013 GSI is hired to provide a Returned Checks solution. For this, GSI installs its flagship solution, ePower, achieving the automation of the process for the clearing of checks in 1 day, the centralized capture of the same, balancing of groups of checks, generation of transaction log, printing of reports and check file.


Taking advantage of the modularity of the ePower application, in 2015, Banco Aliado chose GSI to give them a solution for managing Branch Window Documents and for digitizing and uploading all customer information to the central ePower repository already existing in the Bank . The scope of the project included the installation of components for online uploading of images eliminating the current microfilm process and the supply of 6 Fujitsu digitizing equipment. Additionally, it hires GSI International, Inc., to provide it with a consultancy on how to improve its document management and information capture processes.

As a result of this consultancy, in 2016, Banco Aliado contracts the Outsourcing service for digitizing 800,000 documents in the area of ​​Operations, Credit Administration, Corporate Banking and Legal for the implementation of the Bank’s Single File with ePower. Achieving with this that the search time is much shorter, saving space on servers and, most importantly, the elimination of duplicate documents and images.

This relationship of business partners is successfully maintained, not least by the flexibility of ePower, as well as by the specialized engineers of GSI. In 2020 with the acquisition of Banco Panamá, GSI has been hand in hand with Banco Aliado, creating new documentary structures, migrating the images that were in the Banco Panamá systems and taking solid steps in the digital transformation process.